Wednesday, July 21, 2010


what's the matter with us ... well I think it's four dimensional ... on the surface of the culture in the dish on the counter we're on ... floating along with the other scum I know we've known for millenia of the next two dimensions ... the thinker and the spirit ... no I said thinker the stinker comes in later ... it's dangerous visiting the next dimension of thought and staying past your visa ... giving no thought thereafter to the further dimension of spirit ... as if the unending potential forms of the material dimension meant there were ultimately many many more than three final forms of reality ... for mind by itself can't handle the potency of matter ... if handle means to manipulate and control ... as if the father were in a wheelchair in the very ancient days and the son were pushing him down the path ... without the spirit the mind has only cartoons ... and worse ... but with the spirit what else could it need ... wait and see you say ... no thanks ... with these three I'm complete 2/2

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