Saturday, July 10, 2010


what is this mania for doing it my way ... for being independent ... for doing it on my own ... I don't mean in relation to somebody else ... I mean in relation to everything else ... not an adolescent rebellion towards maturity but a mature rejection of constituting authority ... the kind of credentials that give everything its warrant ... a rebellion that denies then can't recognize the primary distinction between necessary and contingent ... till all necessity is contingent on everything else and the absolute itself is relative ... everything in everything else a web of relation a necessary web of contingency ... if by contingency you mean dependence ... but what if you mean instead the possibility of not existing ... lights in the web going on and off but never and only so never at the center where the light's always on ... that kind of necessity that kind of being is Being itself and whether indeed it is or it isn't is the first point of difference is it not between wisdom and everything else

compendium 6

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