Tuesday, July 06, 2010


come boldly to the throne of grace ... you raise an eyebrow ... confident supplication doesn't sound like the kind that should succeed ... or persistent begging every day asking for bread and forgiveness you'd think would get to be irritating ... and so I suppose it would be ... if you were bugging someone human or as it turns out merely human ... but you're not ... jesus is not in one sense at least our blood brother ... more like an older stepbrother ... we do feel related to mary and eve but what kind of connection could we have to a being that sits on the throne of grace ... if you were thirsty in some past life and he gave you something to drink ... water the symbol of life ... and HE gave YOU something to drink ... he who sits on the eternal throne of mercy in the perpetual hall of justice and you before him and all the angels heroes and saints and sinners behind you ... if he in that one drink brought you and all this before him ... what heroism it would take to step forward ... but what ... will you wait to be dragged to the foot of the throne ... no ... step boldly

heb 4:16; compendium H2; john 4:14

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