Thursday, July 08, 2010


union with god ... is this like the drop returning to the ocean ... some say yes and some say no ... no if you mean it doesn't return from the ocean to being a drop ... and what's the authority for that ... isn't it that cosmically and locally god seems to favor plurality ... logically he wants truth to multiply and be fruitful ... even internally theologically he will not stay as one ... one may not necessarily be selfish but how can it be generous even if it were to us to a fault ... in face of all the error and malice in creation the creation he brought to life he still gives us our lead ... it's why he put eyes only in the front of our heads so we couldn't see him as we walked away out on our own ... if we could see what we were leaving how could we ever go ... when we did turn to look again he was a flaming sword in the doorway and that image is still with us in history and private life all of the time ... it separates us

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