Sunday, July 04, 2010


there are some people who say the universe is like a pack of cards ... say a pack of an infinite number of cards and each card a new set of laws or a different dimension ... is it just something in the makeup of the human mind that wants to put everything in still one pack ... or is there something in reality as well that makes the desire a reasonable ambition ... is there unity in the universe after all ... and if there is doesn't it lose a good proportion of its wildness ... if it's just one thing of no matter how many parts doesn't it invite a pocket ... that you could put it in a pocket say about the size of a mind ... one as small as yours that says I have it as a thought in mind ... one even larger such as mine that says I have it too as well as you I have you both in mind ... or is this one thing the only thing that one thing only knows ... if it is it's hard any more to think of it as a pack to think of it at all as to stare at the sun in order to know it ... you'd better bring your glasses and they'd better be strong ... it's a holy thing to see something to know it and to name it ...

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