Monday, July 19, 2010


we talk about the bad ways ways sin must make us feel the worst being the most subtle ... but what about its distraction detour and delay ... if life is a race under time constraints what effect must these have ... I take this worry about at best a waste of time to be an argument for the necessity of faith as it's received that is for grace ... how otherwise given the rampages of sin could we survive much less win the race ... that's to say cross the finished line become complete ... certainly our intellectual training and skills don't win the race ... not on their own ... they're not that powerful ... in fact there's something so final so fatal in our natural incapacity to win by thinking straight give us again enough time we won't need much and just enough pressure there's no reason to suppose we can't justify going to heaven or hell ... weakness of will you ask ... we can't take a step forward without taking one back ... incomplete tending towards the insubstantial ... out of god's open hand

heb 13: 20-21, 25; compendium 26; kreeft rpnt 163; john 10: 27-30.

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