Friday, July 09, 2010


when jesus walked across the water in what state of mind did the apostles receive him ... they were terrified ... we'd think wow look at that jesus is walking on the water isn't that cool ... but then knowing as we know now we couldn't have been there thinking like that ... not if we know what we should know now who we are and what we've done in the two thousand years since ... if we thought of that we'd be terrified too ... we need someone now merciful to our injustices who can forget forever ... if I haven't but one decision to make let me hope that this is true ... there is someone who can do these things and will ... if I had the faith to support that hope couldn't I carry the cross up the hill knowing what we'd find at the top ... thinking like that get to the point distraction could tug at your elbow and you wouldn't lose your cool ... you wouldn't be cool you'd be too busy ... if we have the mercy of such forgiveness at the end doesn't mean we don't earn it ... we earn it by loving to do it

1. john 6: 19; heb 8: 10-12; 3. compendium 2; 4. kreeft, praying and reading the new testament, 86.

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