Friday, July 02, 2010


what's the story of any person ... the story of a day or a life ... when you can say of them all what's the point ... but if you could answer see it's a theological narrative of virtue ... it begins in a fumbled kind of love as all things here must do and it comes to a circle imperfectly defined ... a forum and a pit for salvation and discussion which must tumble into despair if it has no hope to pull us through or what's a false faith for ... and that's your point ... heaven or hell ... that the ego should be appalled simply makes good sense but only at first and not for too long ... too long is to give up ... too long is to despair ... more defensible is a defensive kind of shrug ... this is it what did you suppose ... a conditioned response which will repeatedly buy you time ... but not forever ... forever would be too long ... one more defeat surrender and despair ... and that too is the point ... no hope without heaven but no getting there without hope ... love without faith is a blunt animal kind of force ... but better than dying without hope

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