Friday, July 09, 2010


thomas says it would be ridiculous if everything was instrumental ... if there's no final subject whose instrument everything is ... nothing moves that we know of that isn't moved by something else ... but there must be something that breaks this rule or for whom it's not meant to apply ... something that moves but isn't moved itself ... or nothing gets started and we're not really here ... disconnected frames on a never-ending reel ... we're in-between creatures we know that the moment we're in ... before the first thought there's a before it's thinking of ... we know we're in the middle ... all time tells us so ... we just can't put our finger on the exact spot ... we think we've got it ... but it's just the ratchet effect ... it only means we can't go back ... it doesn't stop us spinning forward ... is this the only natural way to look at it ... the only rational explanation ... or can the wheel spin round and round any way it wants ... pause start again stop from no beginning to no end ... not if life and nature tell a story ... not just any story ... but the best one there is

compendium 3

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