Thursday, July 08, 2010


when someone says of the church militant that it ought to be offensive ... or we get a new priest and a better hope ... the world within us that does abide ... when someone sits on the bench beside you and tells you what everyone wants ... that happiness is joy in truth ... we rightfully naturally want more ... and we have it ... have it in sight ... even looking out the window dictating to the scribes ... we have it in a definition ... it says the only essence the intellect can join without representation ... what one other nature only can man so know as to become part of it immediately with no stops in between no time-outs to huddle and take counsel no sage angel or alien to give us advice but the one real thing only ... and how do we know this ... because this is the one real nature that's different from all others ... the one whose nature it is to exist ... everything else we know by picture in code virtually or vivid but through a medium a percept concept or idea its essence ... this essence simply is

1. kreeft, reading and praying, 60; 2. heb 7: 11-19; 3. john 5: 38; 4. thomas, compendium H9.

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