Wednesday, July 21, 2010


the gnostics spoke of a reality of many dimensions each more complete than the one before ... the shroud of turin is between two such dimensions the flat and the round ... jesus was glad to bring the apostles back to dead lazarus so they might then have greater reason to believe for they saw then a most remarkable movement between dimensions ... it's what thomas meant when he said intelligence was preeminent because it was the most powerful and note his explanation why ... we know the form because we remove it from its material conditions ... and as we all know information is power ... all I'm saying is that form and matter mean different dimensions ... the material and the mental mind and matter ... it's why we can't go any further on our own into the mind of god ... the dimensions would overwhelm us ... it's why the devil is so seductive and then disastrous ... he has so many dimensions to throw us into ... but we have jesus in between the father and the devil ... a person to hold everything together 1/2

cf the real face of jesus? A+E History dvd; john 11: 15 (and see the other thomas at verses 8+16); compendium 28; kreeft rpnt 171 (afterword).

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