Saturday, July 10, 2010


I am what I am leave me alone ... you'd have to be a good christian or jew to see the enormity of offense in that sentiment ... if it were let to go universal ... as one by one the lights went out ... as at the center Being bundled itself in ... but on a gentler scale it seems to tell a tale worth hearing ... natures needn't apply across the species ... what do I care for yours ... it's mine I must abide and so I do ... it is what it is it needs no help from you ... and you ... and you ... leave me alone I'll spin like a top and pass out beyond content ... but you know this won't serve and you won't spin long before you come to a stop and who will start you up again ... this is a mimicry about as bold and stupid as we can get to be ... aping the one best real thing only to opt for the one impossible ... even the devil isn't by himself ... even god has company ... we are what we are but never was that by itself ... on its own ... its own ... question isn't why should this be so but why we ever thought it shouldn't ... who does think that

Ex 3: 14

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