Friday, July 02, 2010


change and creation how they cannot be the same ... we for instance have a shot at the first but never the second ... the year we first called human talent creative was a bad year for humanity ... just another sign that we were taking ourselves much too seriously ... we don't create ... we recreate ... it's why we demand that great art entertain us ... it's what great artists do ... they provide recreation ... it's because we didn't give the gift we don't command the moment we can't hold on to the present ... in all but one thing what we can't do is do it directly ... from homer to Ulysees any art can never be entirely new ... matter once presented form is at best an equal provider ... we can plan for the future and interpret the past ... each a second-hand performance ... the best we can do with the present is to be there with it ... then turn from it as it were and represent it ... it's why the world wasn't meant to be one city or democracy ... an immediate venture ... why we educate experts to be our representatives ... why there's a priest and the congregation ... all around us is representation ... the direct thing we do is choose

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