Saturday, July 03, 2010


it's like listening to a conversation that's going on all around you but you can't hear what they're saying ... so you pick up a flute and begin a song on it hoping to play what they say ... and you can almost hear it almost put it to words ... or you're asleep trying to wake yourself up ... shouting listen I heard what they said ... when you're a teenager you hope it's about you ... when you're older you pray that it isn't ... not that you're ashamed ... it's that everything else is so interesting ... there are times when you're given the humility to forget about yourself that you do see what they're saying ... intoxicated moments when you must have heard them because it's so quiet and you've got good reason to smile ... or you can cheat and read what other people heard ... takes a long time to do that ... to filter out what it was you wanted to hear ... open the media you get a lot of static ... what you want is advice what you hear are stories ... after a while forget the advice you just want to hear more stories ... there is a pleasure in life ... but you have to listen

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