Saturday, July 03, 2010


appearances can be ... no ... they always are deceiving ... they are aren't they always at best an appearance ... don't they beg comparison with what they represent ... aren't they meant to usher us into its presence ... and the better and better we become at following their lead aren't we meant the closer still to come into the truth ... but how long is their charade supposed to humor us before the child grows into the magician and tires of his tricks ... before we plumb nature and catalog decisively all its wonder ... isn't there rather a final point where we put by the summation and come to something entirely new ... there's nothing in the circle not even the center that could have made all this become ... where was the universe before the big bang must tell you where's it's headed ... mystery herself must be her own solution ... ask of nature why it is it must answer eventually it cannot tell ... pin appearance to the wall ... make it tell the truth all of it nothing but the truth and by the law of its nature distraction and discontent it must pass you through ... all else it can do is to lie

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