Monday, July 05, 2010


hartshorne teaches persuasively it's not the objective that's absolute it's the subjective ... the objective is relative ... two related to four comes in at half and the only way to change that is to add more relations more facts ... two oranges are not half four angels ... I have a different understanding let's say of the story of katherine howard than you do ... perhaps because I have a different set of related truths about her ... relative truths historical and moral ... than you do ... some things we each have the other should too ... if you only had the facts we tell each other ... we'd have the big picture ... we'd all agree ... and this would be the objective ... such a web of fact from the microscopic to the galactic would if misconceived seem to tell the whole story ... but even then you know we wouldn't be satisfied ... there would be a way we could say truthfully what about me ... we're not a fact ... another part of objective reality ... we're not true or false we're truthful or false ... we're not an idea though sometimes we have them ... like this one ... is my soul immortal ... absolutely 3/4

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