Monday, July 12, 2010


thoughts and objects ... all kinds of representations before and after action ... definitions of essence ... works of art ... forms in a subject ... subjects in a form ... things we can classify and clarify talk about and ponder ... things we know and will yet know ... subject object and the different forms we can command ... there seems to be no end no limit to the things we can do ... to the things we will know ... except the moment in time ... not the second or nanosecond but the moment that has no time and still has the past and future around it ... the fixed point in time that time passes by in review ... that sense of separation of being aloof without the pride ... holiness eternity the mystic perfection of the east ... parmenides verified in heraclitus ... the still center that moves others ... that moves us ... when jesus said he wasn't of this present world is that what he meant ... a world beyond time is beyond the present ... this still foundation that moves us ... is this what makes faith work

1. compendium 15; 2. john 8: 23; 3. kreeft, rpnt, ch 21; 4. heb 11: 13-16.

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