Thursday, July 01, 2010


once again if the catholic doctrine is true isn't sorrow always only for sin ... look at the time I've lost ... now I have no more of it to practice this good virtue ... why is that ... consider the expiration date on my organs ... why is that necessary ... come again each and every one I've injured that I may appeal to them and tell them though I meant it I didn't mean it all the way through ... it was the extremity of the malice I didn't know was coming ... the intensity of its simple duration ... I didn't believe it could be so crude ... come when we have so much better to do ... but it will not stop ... it will have its due ... and how much of me must go along ... I wouldn't mind but it would seem I can't get back again ... they said these were good things the loss of which I must come to regret ... but they were wrong ... they were good things but there's just the loss of the one that I regret ... otherwise there's nothing I couldn't factor in ... everything I did we did could be made to fit ... but this is the thing I can't get by ... that I did it anyway

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