Wednesday, July 28, 2010


there are some evolutionists who say since things happen on this small level seemingly by chance that is totally at random we may assume that's how all the universe works ... is such a conclusion scientific ... or is it philosophical ... if the second does science support it ... and does science also support the opposing philosophical conclusion that all around this throw of the dice is a felt-clad table of law and purpose ... and if science does support both these points of view with example and implication wouldn't the discussion between them be just the thing to hear and debate in school ... why then is the debate outside the school instead of inside ... about the debate and not about the meaning of evolution ... that's an interesting question but what does it mean ... or rather what if it means what we don't want to hear ... that design begins and ends in divinity ... while random selection at the universally binding level of natural law says there is no god but nature 2/2

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