Saturday, July 10, 2010


what makes a complete story that has no beginning and no end a failure to us ... we each have a beginning and each must have his end and that's the story we're interested in especially the end ... that's why we tell stories and why we listen to them ... to learn how to do it to work out our salvation ... and so the story goes the boy found those words with fear and trembling on a bible-verse-calendar-page for the day he was born ... and this being a short clause he would chew on it and ruminate for the next forty years ... not doing enough selective reading as he should have done ... so he came too late to the next verse to save him those years of panic ... fear and trembling no doubt but someone else did the heavy lifting ... a happy ending but he didn't write it ... it was different being a creature than it was being god ... being dependent being contingent ... beginning but going on to an end still being written ... and he in not negligible comfort brought to it

1. phil 2: 12-13; 2. kreeft, rpnt, 96-7; 3. john 6: 63; 4. compendium 7; 5. heb 9: 27-8.

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