Saturday, July 17, 2010


what's the most dangerous thing about living in this fallen world ... isn't it thinking with this world's thought ... which says life may be brutal nasty and short but that's no reason to call it fallen ... as if it were once high and might still rise ... if there were a god it would be perfect ... but who are we to think we could understand something like that ... far better to let it be and work out our own salvation in fear and trembling ... which salvation would be it would seem to have of these last two as little as possible ... to play the game for the least reward we can get so the most of us that can will get it ... by paying attention as best we can to the things we do understand ... to all which I the poor christian must say if only I could ... if only it were that easy ... but I can't so it can't be easy that way after all ... for everything I see that I really do understand points the way on further ... my knowledge isn't a closed door it's an open gate ... and what I see on the other side is so wide and deep if he didn't give me these details to hold onto wouldn't I just go to pieces

john 10: 7-10; heb 13: 5b + 8; kreeft rpnt 148-9; compendium 24

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