Saturday, July 24, 2010


what does it mean ... is it true ... so what if it is ... I was thinking of adding the third question to the meaning and truth of the pacre ... when I see the philosopher peter ask the same three questions about scripture ... I conclude from this that I'm writing scripture ... well for all of us there is something there ... something in common ... all we have to do is write ... one word ... there's something in common between what we say and jesus says ... what we do and the spirit does ... between how we think and god thinks ... between what god is and we are ... when we want to praise a person we say class act ... god is pure act ... we have knowledge and the ability to acquire more of it which we call the intellect or intelligence but we don't have understanding unless we actually make use of our intelligence ... god does that all the time ... ke knows everything always ... while we're still playing in essence he already always is ... he is what he is ... it's that simple ... we are sometimes what we want to be ... but every time we are isn't the first thought thank you

peter kreeft, ycuot, 14; compendium 31; john 11: 41-3.

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