Sunday, July 18, 2010


if this generation rejects the concept of sin what then if we must suffer the consequences of both sin and our rejection ... which then would mean would it not wilfull ignorance ... does a break with an ancient tradition signify a loss of its foundation ... correspondence with the truth ... we turn instead to correspondences with ourselves ... from god to the names of god ... from virtue to values ... when the eyewitnesses are dead all we have left is hearsay ... when the cause is gone the effects remain ... the thing itself has become its symbols and time is reversed ... meditation carries it backward upriver to the source ... it's a broad and deep stream with many looming shortcuts and falls and we didn't we just let the map drown ... now all the outlets seem the same and they all take the plunge ... and we at the bottom just coming into the spray and the foam still paddling upstream ... we've lost the guide but we still have the need ... whose voice will we hear now 1/2

compendium 25; kreeft rpnt ch 26; john 10: 16.

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