Saturday, July 03, 2010


some people say life is an infinitely layered wedding cake ... others say in addition it has a molten cascade of icing all the way down from the tip to a trench below that has no other light ... the icing is sweet to the taste sweet to the eye ... the immature mind would eat it all day regardless of any substance inside ... regardless of just that message from above ... there is a substance inside a sweetness that abides ... sense is right to hint at such an abode ... after the trace has lingered ... once the dreamer is awaking ... this apparently lower level pleasantry ... a seat on the right bus or a trip pleasantly canceled ... doesn't seem to warrant the good feeling ... a feeling of confidence a feeling of good faith ... a shower of grace ... what is sweet music without silence or tender truth with no ignorance to be soothed ... no calamity of unlearning still to be taught ... what is prayer without instruction or all the wit and style in the world and no knowledge behind it ... rather let wisdom flow the light overlow the yeast-risen within

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