Wednesday, July 07, 2010


if the action is a conclusion to a practical syllogism either the action is part of a formal affair formally consistent but gone astray sometimes from a false premise ... that is the action is an embodied thought ... or the syllogism itself the whole process of truth and truthfinding is alive ... a quality not of itself but of the living thing it's part of ... we are thoughts in some other mind or we do the thinking on our own ... we are determined or we are radically free ... now isn't it obvious this is a false dichotomy ... isn't it clear at our best we are determined to be free ... we are thoughts in a universal system but the mind to which we belong has made us to be born ... a living thought beside the living truth ... but a thought that cannot think itself was never meant to be so grand didn't start thinking had to learn the way and only at the end sees how smart humility is ... wisdom is maneuver and arabesque but it settles down to do as truth says 3/3

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