Monday, July 12, 2010


some people say there are about thirty-seven million jews in the world ... I say there are over a billion ... here's a patriarchal religion coming from desert nomads who say god is one ... we know this because he told it to us through prophetic scripture ... furthermore he tells us exactly how to live ... we have through his guidance a tradition of codes and casebook studies that tell us which way to turn and when ... that give us a direction and a center to face ... the only spot of its kind on the surface of the earth ... the fingerprint of god as it were who said said here ... we're talking about islam no ... islam judaism in a more recent appearance ... from hebrew to aramaic to arabic ... add a prophet or two but keep the same tribal ferocity of proprietary truth ... nothing more or less than you'd expect from an absolute in one god only ... this one spare desert religion rejects as an absurdity the christian trinity which says at best god is a genus or a species or a set with three members one of whom came into the desert and then left

compendium 13 - 14 which as you would expect disagrees with the conclusion above that god is a genus or a species

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