Wednesday, July 14, 2010


you speak too generally ... I'm looking for something a little more specific ... of course you are ... it's not only how you were made to see but how we're meant to see ... how things are made so that we may see them this way ... genus and species ... first we say something positive in a general kind of way ... then we start quibbling and picking at it ... pulling things off its definition ... speaking behind the hand of all the things it doesn't have .... whittling its essence down to a splinter to pick our teeth as we ruminate on something more substantial ... all these other things we know they start out so well ... start each indeed with a perfection ... end all it seems must in disappointment ... not so much as have lost their initial perfection ... closed off nonetheless in all the other perfections it doesn't have ... they catch us finally but all too quickly by these things we aren't than by the one or two we are ... with all our pretensions towards infinity they pin us to the mat making us finite specimens by specific difference

compendium 21

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