Friday, July 09, 2010


I'm an aesthetic christian because it tells the best story ... funny isn't it that some of us would find that a strange reason to pick a faith when all we have to do is look at history and culture to see that it's true ... we have so many gadgets today helpful lethal and recreational and they're all built on math so we take math and its cousin logic as our jesus and john our standard of proof ... but doesn't this make the tool the master ... why do we want to be healthy or win a war or just have fun ... I think we just want to tell a good story ... the one that we're in ... we know it has to come out one way or the other and naturally we root for the good ending not the bad ... some people think this so-called natural desire is a cop-out ... I guess they mean the cop is off his beat and anything goes if you can get away with that ... let the father of such a desire have all the children he wants ... but that's exactly right ... it is what the father wants ... a good ending

john 6: 37-39

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