Friday, July 23, 2010


tears may be a perfection of the intellect when understanding should cause sorrow ... a book shouldn't pretend to impassivity as if it were just pages in a binder when its effect is to free us from bondage ... what is it then in an intelligible species that moves us ... isn't it always the truth ... that which we understand and helps us fit the piece in the puzzle ... why wasn't jesus on time to save lazarus and why did he suddenly start to cry ... was he coldblooded to let his friend die for a teachable moment and then repented when he saw the harm he had done ... it's the best I might figure for anyone else playing the part ... but jesus isn't doing that ... he's not playing a role ... he's filling it to perfection through the virtue of obedience ... one eye for now but the other for always ... what would that mean if he couldn't cry ... if suddenly he never broke down ... how would that jolt the frame or rip the curtain ... this one eye for us and the other for something totally alien ... other

tom wright, john ch 11; peter kreeft, ycuot, 12; compendium 30.

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