Monday, July 05, 2010


when you do things for yourself there's a boomerang futility effect ... that is the effect comes back in search of a warrant for itself and can find none ... the message in its pocket it went out with isn't it the same it just brought back in ... there's the circle with that beautiful portion of the curve but it keeps getting smaller ... as if the soul were all mind and its body wasting on a dot com you see no peace of either commerce or communion ... just the end of the story ... period ... who feels this contraction and doesn't feel sick ... what's the horror of a crucifixion ... that it spreads you out open when all you want is to curl back in ... you're being squeezed till the last round drop leaves you ... but not until then ... before then must come the fever of futility the burning knowledge that you can't do a thing ... the lower legs are weak the sap is running up the trunk ... your head's support what resilience you had left crashes down to meet it ... you're coming to the point ... but it never was the one you meant ... it's you but only you 1/4

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