Tuesday, July 13, 2010


there is something wrong with matter ... by its nature by itself it has no limit ... last century the scientists kept getting closer to what some kept thinking must be rock bottom ... atom proton neutron electron force field string dimension ... then matter antimatter ... surely if not an end we must have come to a corner ... all we get now is some sort of information formation form ... we must have taken a wrong turn and left matter somewhere behind ... but the form takes you aside ... see here she says read this ... what you're looking for is not matter but the end of matter ... by itself it will neither start nor finish ... by itself it has no beginning or end ... just goes to show you it was not meant to be alone ... it needs an end ... a limit on purpose by which it becomes real ... is realized ... on its own it's universally extensive but never at any one point penetrates ... never at any moment is intensive ... no wonder then when all you have in faith is matter you lose contrast ... you lose intensity ... see what you've done when you deny intention

compendium 20

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