Tuesday, July 06, 2010


half dozing in the rocking chair at my ease I misread the first four words of the following clause ... so man ought to cherish the hope of being rightly provided for by god ... I read to myself instead these first three words ... no man might ... yesterday we spoke of restoring communication ... today the philosopher says put the plug in the wall the lines are back up the dynamo is whirring ... god himself never hurt a fly never brought cancer to a child never told a white lie ... given all this who is it that's interfering with my reception ... you take it for static a momentary interruption but when did you ever have a clear picture ... it's not that you're an adult with a momentary disability it's that you don't have the ability because you never did have it ... say that you've been distracted and more than just a little bit confused ... say you are a child who cannot focus his attention who forgets where the plug is until he sees it in his hand puts it into the wall with his left knocks it out again with his right 1/3

compendium H4; kreeft, reading and praying, 44; heb 5:14

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