Friday, July 16, 2010


the gnostic rebel alone in his room at night fancies a battle between everything and nothing but when he wakes in the morning has to settle for something ... at night he sees a war between the best and the worst ... in full light it's just another fight between better and worse ... the gnostic at night removes the mud from his eyes and says who is he that I might believe in him ... the gnostic in the forum in the middle of the day says what so now we're blind ... and says it in a defiant disbelief ... the essence scatters in the wind ... it wasn't essential after all ... just the threat of a tremor and it disippates ... the one predetermined truth turns out to be an accident ... so what the daytime gnostic responds an accident is still a form indeed an act and as such must belong to a subject ... what do I care how it's attached as long as I the subject have it ... so it's an addition isn't it a superaddition when added by the grace of chance as long as chance is eternal and fraternal too ... our familiar ... our destiny ... but at night he sees the real subject and it isn't he

1. john 9: 35-41; 2. heb 12: 25-29; 3. compendium 23.

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