Wednesday, July 28, 2010


you can't make art out of unredeemed suffering ... if that's true that puts the kabosh on a large portion of high minded movies and novels of the last century ... stories that get us no further or leave us further back ... to no good purpose or any power of virtue ... that are full of how but answer no why ... when hope comes down to we're better off dead ... or maybe we can kill the other guy first and have a good time while we're at it ... but it's more often the first option the one where hope dies ... we begin to look like early christians we seem to have such a contempt for this life ... only in our case there's no better one to follow ... outside self-esteem there is no redemption in this hard-eyed modern fiction ... but hardeye is too rigid ... you need to be nimble to keep up with the real world in truth ... we have to be quick and precise in our points of view ... careful but caring too ... to see and consider ... what the greeks called theastai ... to consider they found the one kind of things most not least worthy ... theos ... the latins call deus 1/2

you can't ... frank o'connor, quoted in larry mcmurtry, walter benjamin at the dairy queen, p41; kreeft ycuot 21-2; john 12: 25-6; compendium 35.

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