Thursday, July 01, 2010


when they say the grammar of conversation I think they sometimes mean vocabulary and semantics too ... you don't have to study these three just to improve your style but you do to question your assumptions and that's something you must do if way back when you made an elementary mistake ... if when you were young for instance you said life is a zero-sum game which I intend to win ... or was it when you thought I live within the economy of gift jesus saved it so ... if you believe the first of these two it may be true a curious surface knowledge will do ... but not for the second ... there surfaces are meant to open and meaning is given all the way through ... it is curious isn't it that surface skill always seems to be moving while penetration is always to a point ... if life is just a game then you need to kn0w the rules ... but if it's a gift you need to know who gave it ... are these two occupations we follow the two assumptions that lead us to talk ...or just the two mistakes that lead us past each other

cf paul j griffiths, intellectual appetite

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