Wednesday, July 07, 2010


weakness of will is a divided will ... purity of heart is one ... necessary truth is one ... there is no other to compete it alone completes the thought it has no rival ... but the divided will must hesitate and delay ... must work against itself as if it were two and in its logical conclusion its purest state must become a buridan's ass between the two piles of hay starving itself to death ... or worse there are three ... the mind is in the attic talking to the angel ... the child is two floors down playing with the outlets ... some angels are fallen and all of those from a great height ... they are sent to maladvise as well as to distract ... to counsel homicide as well as unhealthy omission ... to break down the house after it turns out the light ... this dying not quite dead excresence ... you wonder why we can't sit still raise a family or make a will ... weakness of will is a divided soul separated from the spirit ... a desperate mind isolated from its own maneuvers ... alienated from the living ... call it sin 2/3

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