Tuesday, July 27, 2010


living too much in your own head you come to forget there are things outside it ... playing the little god though necessarily false you think you can create things out of the nothing inside you ... but you know from experience that they don't last and now you hear of others that you won't either ... but you knew that before you began to talk in subjects and predicates ... nonetheless it was a cute run while it lasted playing at creation mimicking a thing you cannot understand ... god ... now he makes sense ... having no start he doesn't need to finish ... but you you do start and within the next twenty-four hours you do finish ... you know pain suffering fear but you know nothing so well as nothing ... you have the day for everything else but you have the night for nothing ... they walk down the line when they come to your room they turn the light out ... you may struggle in the dark for a time but the light means you and you go out because you can't keep thinking ... you thought you projected your thought when it's more like holding on to its object ... till you can't any more and you fall

kreeft, the god who creates out of nothing, ycuot 18-20; compendium 34.

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