Tuesday, July 13, 2010


oh these are nasty marches they make through mud and jungle ... getting shot at and blown up are by nature horrific ... outside the rules of the game as it were ... but the marches are the game ... the war against the elements is more persistently real than these poor taste and crude travesties combat leaves behind in dead bodies ... the rain and heat the sweat and disease the infantry grunt of the war ... to call that surreal is I think no longer to be there ... but to march ... that may come to a parade ... or in a deeper sense to a procession ... to march from one fetal bed to another one that's fatal is to have all the in between the story of our life ... there's a journey for you ... but what ... I tell you if such a trudging were only the beginning who can be heartened to jump up from that last bed to join the parade to join the processon ... unless that meant to join good company ... we knew it was ethereal conversation but who knew it was on the move ... the greeks did ... they called it the peripatetic

1. the pacific, hbo miniseries, episode 4; 2. actually it was the scholastics who called it that? but it was aristotle who walked the walk as he talked.

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