Sunday, July 25, 2010


myth alone signifies only the imagination ... philosophy means reason ... and no matter how exalted the experience by itself we have only the mystic's word for her vision ... for final truth we need something else ... we need revelation ... because we need to really know we need to move the intellect ... but that won't happen without appetite ... and the appetite that follows intellectual apprehension is the will ... love operates through the will ... the apprehended good is necessarily loved ... but the final good we're talking about can't be manufactured or discovered ... it has to be given ... it has to be revealed ... in caiaphas's year the high priest was given a revelation and he prophesied that jesus must die ... for the people ... for us ... he was given the word and though he spoke it he didn't understand it ... he thought to save his people from the romans when all those years his people had saved themselves for jesus ... it was hard for caiaphas ... it's hard for us ... we apprehend the good we love ... but it's the wrong one

kreeft ycuot 15-6; compendium 32; john 11: 50-3.

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