Friday, July 02, 2010


it's hard not to blame the gnostics ... but perhaps it's a blame the blamer should earn ... even thomas says our purpose is to know and as he says whenever some new thing happens the first thing we want is to learn how ... and how much of life's misfortune could we not have avoided if only we knew how ... but it's more than a practical defensive ploy ... more even than the magical use of a guaranteed technique ... it's a knowing not directed to our immediate comfort or benefit ... in a terrifying and obvious point of view it's not after all about us or our skilfull minds ... it's about the search for truth ... it's truth that's the form of the intellect ... truth only that will explain it all ... and that's what's wrong with the gnostic ... not that he wants to know but what he says he does know ... who can blame the gnostic when he says how important the truth is ... no ... it's his content not his professed ambition his mythology against what he says is ours that we refuse ... the only way to avoid this refusal is to go generic ... specifically our story must trump his

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