Thursday, July 08, 2010


union with god must follow the first ontological rule god on one side everything else on the other to an infinitely less degree which is the second rule ... but once again we see how god favors the generosity of plurality ... one rule leads not only to others but must make us lawyers too ... he distributes the predicates we get to name them ... his are the ideas we get to translate them ... but every new quality qualification or representation that we add only adds to the list of the new predicates that we may apply ... good creation good mimicry we start to make subjects on our own in honor in praise and when we think about it in wonder ... but our subjects being mimics representations are not part of their predicates but only casually related ... at best in conscious reflection of the one subject only that's one with what it is ... whose predicate it is with no divorce or threat of separation ... what it is it is

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