Saturday, July 10, 2010


what I saw I thought was beautiful but now I see it was disgusting ... not the girls the lighting or the color ... not the frame or the focus ... and not the acting ... but that's the first clue ... in this medium we want no acting ... we want rather sincerity of form throughout ... the sharper the clearer the simpler the better ... and that's the second point ... the form of action and passion we strive for here is preverbal say therefore at least prehistoric ... which is not to say it doesn't have a place ... but the old place isn't only the best it's the only one that fits such a simple force ... at home in private in love ... not in public on the screen on the take ... it's another abstraction but a wrong one ... as blanshard would say a false universal ... it doesn't add to our understanding of the particular ... it takes away from it ... a false abstraction is always an unnatural subtraction ... a heightening of just one element or a few to the detriment of some others we should never be without

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