Wednesday, July 07, 2010


see through the devil's eyes or through christ's ... put on the devil's mind or jesus' ... the patient lying on the bed is he a bug stuck writhingly to the mat ... or the spirit's warrior fighting the devil of disease ... are the sins of the fathers visited upon the sons or are their achievements as well ... if heaven is made up of saints what is there in hell ... who are we to listen to and put on what ears to hear ... what difference does it make if there is no kingdom of god there is no church in truth ... the sun rises in the east on all things alike ... but paul had a macedonian vision that told him to go west ... abraham spoke to the king and priest of peace and paid him tribute as one who had less to one who had more ... man can still hope to know what he cannot comprehend ... there's a joy still to be small when all that you love is great ... when things get you down when you're feeling blue stop thinking of yourself give the devil his due ... but as jesus does do

1. kreeft, reading and praying, 56; 2. heb 7: 1-10; 3. compendium H8; 4. john 5: 19.

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