Monday, July 12, 2010


what's the most invisible real thing in all reality ... isn't it also the most real ... isn't it existence ... it's like the things we tend most to take for granted ... they tend to be the most basic the necessary things ... the thing about necessity is it doesn't compete ... it just is ... everything else has to adjust ... so it is with existence ... philosophers will tell you it's not a predicate but the beginning of them all ... neither is it a subject but there'd be no subject without it ... for the same reason its ubiquity it's not a valid genus ... it can't support a difference ... for how can you disagree if you don't exist ... but no difference no specifics no detail ... then what are we talking about ... well not nothing ... but how does that help ... if there's one thing existence is it's not nothing ... it's the first thing we know about it when we take a moment to think ... it isn't nothing ... this something is some thing indeed ... you could almost define it by thinking of nothing but from nothing you get nothing ... from this you get everything

compendium 13; heb 11: 1-3; philip k dick, ubik

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