Friday, July 02, 2010


if standing in the middle of the circle you see what is after all your own take ... each of us seeing the same ... you see a circumference of a thousand doors ... open any one and you're in a lecture hall ... after a thousand doors you should be able to pick a handful of the sermons you prefer ... your favorite professors ... when the ground begins to fall away at your feet be near a door you want to go through ... take a seat in one of the higher up rows ... the teacher all the way down the cascading tiers of devoted students each of whom knows him better than you ... understands what he says more constantly than you ... loves him closer than you ... you're like monty python's brian many hills away ... so far away indeed there are clouds at your feet ... but this isn't make-believe ... as neither was it then so it isn't now and what you hear will be true all the way through and clear ... but not natural ... not in the way we were used to where a form is limited one to each agent ... here as you listen you understand the agents are free the forms are many and you just beginning to choose

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