Thursday, July 15, 2010


so we're down from mount sinai with its darkness and trumpets of gloom its terror and fatal taboo and come into the city where the angels are at festival and the good people have been made perfect ... but meanwhile in the valley between it's war till the end of time ... how are we to survive to get from one mountain top to the other ... to get back into high grace we'll need a faculty higher than imagination ... to understand the good news about the last things we're going to need a first philosophy ... one science to hold primacy among all the others ... it isn't as if we had a choice ... we all knew since we all heard the words we begged no longer to have to hear that we couldn't stay on top of that prophetic mountain but were called instead to mount sion ... I only say there's a hard march in between ... I only hope the nco's are well versed in the training of those first things ... diversity and choice are fine things when they apply but they're for the valley ... on mount sion knowledge unites round one truth

heb 12: 18-24; kreeft rpnt 147 (on Revelation); compendium 22

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