Sunday, July 11, 2010


what if all genuine improvement in human nature ... our life and behavior ... is due to one man ... his life and his behavior ... what he did ... what he said ... especially by example ... who would he be ... moses mohammad buddha krishna confucius or jesus ... who teaches the sanctity of the person ... the authority of the universal ... the sanctified basis of equality ... who would have you pursue the truth with an open mind ... who by his example teaches the balanced life of the spirit promoting not just truth and justice and the defense of the powerless ... but says do all these good things with mercy and love ... and because we will surely need it courage too ... and if you try to pin down your answer to a geographical plot of land what if he said this wasn't the place he had come to fix ... but it's us he's come to fix for a better place ... to fit for a crown of righteous eternity ... immortal on his own

1. the initial startling claim and the ten commandments that follow it are from paul johnson, jesus, 161-2, ch 7; 2. 2tim4: 7-8 via kreeft, rpnt, 115.

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