Thursday, July 08, 2010


union with god what's that mean ... how do we do it ... the gnostics thought we could do it through a perfection of the intellect ... and thomas and the scholastics did too ... but didn't thomas distinguish between the theoretical and the practical intellect ... something like strategy and tactics in war ... one plans the other punches ... a virtue in the state of war ... but if wisdom is the perfection of the theoretical intellect and leads us to peace through its counsel what is it for the practical intellect but the further perfection of the will ... and what can that be but love ... go again back to the very beginning ... one god one nature and that pure being pure act existence itself ... we can't touch god not even the thought of him and not swell with being ... the wonder is he lets us exhale ... the wonder is he lets us forget ... we could sit and eat with the risen christ perfection to know ... but it took pentecost so we could speak

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