Monday, July 26, 2010


if I had the right faith and enough the object of intellectual apprehension would be the good object of my will ... always before it to form and perfect it ... among the various perfections of things the chief are intellect and will ... if I had the right faith and enough I'd have these two ... as I stepped from my bath in the morning wisdom would step forward and towell me dry ... as I sat to my lunch at noon truth would serve my successive courses ... and as I lay my head down on the pillow at night satisfaction would soothe my soul ... if I had the right faith and enough ... what I have instead as I step from the shower in the morning is the execution of a scheme ... to saisfy a need ... whose definition is not as yet precise ... particular enough mind you but not general enough ... too plural when I need something simple ... so with my apprehension somewhat failing I walk into the light with my head down ... fumbling in my palm for some hidden combination ... a formula greater than pi ... something I can make automatic

compendium 33

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