Sunday, July 11, 2010


we are per se and per accidens ... things on our own in one real sense since we were set so ... but not without predicates some essential per se but many other by accident ... some though we planned and we worked on them all nonetheless beyond our control ... and unless by a special grace all of them likely to be lost ... everything we have everything we are but for that proviso trembling with the potency of extinction ... it's best that we remember this and render each other the help and encouragement our condition requires ... so much makes sense on its own ... per se you might say if you like a little joke ... but there is this seeming accident you call grace ... certainly not by definition part of our essence ... not even as I already said the part of us per se ... but something pure simple ... the I that cannot become an it buber called it ... the one the son of god himself came from and to serve ... all the philosophers want a moment of quiet when the word once for all is said

1. compendium 10; 2. heb 10: 24-5; 3. buber via kreeft, rpnt, 113; 4. john 7: 27-30.

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